Easy Yoga for Anxiety Relief

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Years ago during yoga teacher training, my instructor shared a fool proof method for getting control of runaway emotions and anxiety by getting on the floor and raising your legs up the wall!  

Here's how to use this super simple yoga posture for stress and anxiety relief:

- Find a blanket, or pillow and place it at the base of an open space on the wall, right on the floor where the wall meets the floor.

- Now gently sit down beside the blanket and slowly lie on your back, then scooch your bottom on top of the blanket while lifting ad resting your legs up the wall.

- Don't worry if this feels awkward at first. Just do your best and make sure that your upper body to your hips is on the floor, with your lower back supported while the lower half of your body is resting with your legs together up the wall. (If having your legs together is not comfortable for you, you can bend your knees or spread your legs apart. Do whatever is comfortable for you.)

- Once you get into a comfortable position it's time to begin focussing on your breath. Breathe in through your nose and feel the coolness of your breath flowing through your nostrils.

- Breathe out through your nose and notice the warmth replacing the coolness.

- Continue concentrating on your breath for another 5-10 rounds. You will soon begin to feel calm and centred.


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