The Anxiety Slayer Self-Care Quest

This week we celebrate our 100th Anxiety Slayer podcast. As a big thank you to our listeners we have created a program of 30 Days of Slayer Self-Care.

Every day for the next 30 days we will be posting something relaxing or uplifting for you to try to support you in developing your own collection of Anxiety Slayer skills.

The key to the Slayer Self-Care Quest is to take time out every day for the next 30 days to do something for yourself that you find relaxing.

To get you started this week's podcast talks you through a simple calming meditation called the 100 Breaths - we hope you enjoy it.



For written directions for the 100 Breaths Meditation click here


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Throughout this time, all products in the Anxiety Slayer store will be discounted by 30% - that includes theQuick Anxiety Stopper and The Anxiety Rescue Kit - if you aren't using the skills contained with our two primary self-care packages already, now is your chance to catch them at a bargain price.

To take advantage of our special offer simply enter the code "slayer30" in the discount code box in your shopping cart in the Anxiety Slayer Store.


The Next 100

As we move on to our next 100 podcasts we want to reach out to as many people suffering from anxiety as we can. If you have found our posts and podcasts supportive please invite a friend to like us on facebook, or subscribe to the Anxiety Slayer website where they can claim their free Slay Your Stress Now eBook.