How to Calm an Anxiety Attack

Photo Credit: treehouse1977 via Compfight cc

In this week's podcast we are talking about anxiety attacks in response to this question from our inbox:

When you feel an anxiety attack coming on how can you still your mind long enough for techniques to help?

Sometimes it feels like you are making one step forward and one step backwards, like your mind is counteracting what you are trying to do to get calm.

Action steps for helping your mind during an anxiety attack:

Don't try and fight it.

Start breathing as slowly and consciously as you can and try and put your full attention on your breath. Keep drawing your mind back to noticing your breath.

If you need to move, walk and breath.

Use the acupressure sequence for calming anxiety and panic. Our Quick Anxiety Stopper download will give you detailed support and talk you through exactly how to use these points to stop mounting anxiety.

Try Challenging Your Thoughts

Take a deep breath and face your mind. Challenge it. What is the worse it can do? You will see anxiety increase for a second or two, then it will falter and start decreasing.

There is only so long your body can hold an adrenaline fueled anxiety state. Running from it and fighting it feed it and sustain it longer than getting as calm as you possibly can using your breath, walking and the Quick Anxiety Stopper accupressure points to diffuse it.

By challenging as calmly and quietly as you can you are asking your mind "Is that it?" "Is that the best you can do?" And it will begin to settle because it has been questioned by your calm intelligence, which sits higher than your mind and anxiety will lose it's power and back down.

Once you have succeeded in doing these things once, you can do them again and each time you do the  anxiety attacks will be shorter lived and less intense as you gradually build your sense of calm and control.


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