Can the Weather Make Your Anxiety Worse?

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In this week's podcast we're talking about the weather and how it can affect your anxiety. During the podcast we share some simple tips to help to protect yourself from the weather's influence and feel more calm.


"Have you ever done any podcasts dealing with weather related anxiety/fears. I've been dealing with a wind related phobia for about a year now, and started seeing a therapist for about three months. If you have talked about this do you have the dates of the podcast or the name so as to search them out on iTunes.

Thank you for your podcasts and help..."



Anxiety, Wind and Weather

-Strange things that can effect our anxiety...

This phenomenon can be explained via Ayurvedic Medicine

There are certain body types that are more prone to experiencing anxiety like the Vata body type. The pitfall for Vata is that people with this dosha can get much more anxious in windy weather. The primary effect of the wind is it's drying. Vata is a dry, light and airy.

If you ahve increased vata, one of the best ways to protect yourself from unwanted emotions or anxious states is to keep yourself skin moist.

We recommend that you:

  • protect your ears by massaging a little raw sesame oil or almond oil onto their insides.
  • nourish yourself with warm, wet and oily foods to help you get grounded.
  • massage your whole body with oil before showering.
  • allow for time to curl up and relax, somewhere you feel still and safe.
  • be gentle with yourself.


To find out more about how the weather can affect your anxiety and how you can protect yourself, listen to the full podcast here:

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