How to Fit Anxiety Calming Techniques into a Busy Day

image by moriza

In last week’s podcast we talked about taming anxiety by catching it early and being prepared with a collection of self-help anxiety tools that you can swing into practice whenever anxiety strikes. 

A key point in that podcast was getting familiar with your chosen techniques before you need them. In other words, fitting practice points into your day where you can master anxiety breathing techniques, or another tool of your choice.

In this post I want to share some more techniques and some more places where you can practice them without having to feel like you’re cramming something else in to your busy day.


Practicing Peace on the Go

Many of us spend a good deal of time every week travelling, or waiting in queues. At such times we can’t get anything majorly productive done, and knowing that can make these times feel frustrating. But there is a way you can transform "dead time" into something you enjoy and something that will help you tame stress and anxiety.
You probably already feel too busy to make time, that's OK. The key to anxiety management is in changing time. You can use the time you already have and transform it, and doing so will change the quality of your life.


Next time you find your self on a bus, train, or plane you could take the opportunity to practice some Anxiety Slayer Skills like belly breathing or the calming point.

Waiting in queues is a great time to practice these techniques too, since these are invisible calming practices that you can do without anyone noticing. 


Audio Support

If you carry an ipod with you - or a phone that can play mp3 files - you could listen to our podcast on grounding techniques and try a simple exercise that can help you control anxiety and keep relaxed and peaceful during your busy day.


Further Resources

In the list below you’ll find some other self help anxiety tools that can help you turn waiting time into an Anxiety Slayer training session that will help you feel calm and in control: 

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