How to Help a Child with Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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This week we received a question about an 8 year old girl who has started to have panic attacks and anxiety.  She suffers shallow breathing, going pale, pins and needles, feeling sick - all the standard signs.  She is also uncomfortable sleeping alone.

In our podcast we discussed different ways to help a child with anxiety and the importance of the adults around them being as calm as possible.

Here are some key points from the podcast which you can listen to below or on iTunes.


Tips to support children suffering with anxiety and panic attacks

Adults: please remain as calm as possible

Learn supportive techniques to do with your child: breathing exercises, EFT Tapping, guided relaxations

Explore the Go Zen Program

Try EFT Tapping - EFT for Anxiety Relief

Have conversations with your child and ask:
How do you feel?
What do you need?
What will help you feel more happy?

Please understand that it is okay to give shelter to your loved ones in a low-key compassionate way.

Bed Time Support:

- Share a nice story
- Offer a night light
- Massage your child's feet with almond oil
- Practice breathing exercises together - Make a game of it!
- Offer your child warm milk with a pinch of nutmeg at bed time to help them settle down to sleep


Listen to the full podcast here:


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(if your browser doesn't show the podcast player please listen on iTunes) - See more at:


Resources to Help with Child Anxiety:

GoZen - you can listen to our interview with Renee Jain, creator of GoZen, here:

Anxiety Slayer Talks with GoZen about Child & Teen Anxiety Relief


EFT for Anxiety Relief - our quick-start audio guided to using EFT for calming anxiety

Guided Relaxations - we created a special relaxation for children called the Inner Love Guided Meditation

Bach Flower Remedies - this link will take you to the original UK Centre for these remedies, they are available for purchase via Nelsons and Amazon UK and USA

You can watch a video of Dr Oz talking about the most popular Bach Flower Remedy here