Anxiety back after two years of feeling OK

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In this week's podcast we're answering a question from a listener who is re-experiencing anxiety after a couple of years of feeling fine, and sharing tips on how to help yourself feel calm and in control again when anxiety flares up unexpectedly.


Recurring Anxiety - What to do


Points covered in this podcast:



- Be kind to yourself

- Anxiety can relapse like a common cold

- Try to stop your "What if" thoughts

- What did you do before that helped before?

- is there anything that you let slip when you started feeling better?

- Anxiety is seldom out of the blue, have a think about possible triggers: Illness, stress, nutrition, sleep etc.


Shann shares her experience with caffeine and her reminder to be more mindful about nutritional choices.


- The Autumn season is challenging for Anxiety Sufferers

- Do all you can to stay warm and secure

- Consider applying oil to your ears and nose


Remember to experiment and see what you find to be most supportive.


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