How to write up an in case of anxiety plan

We've been talking in recent podcasts about the benefit of making your own anxiety first aid kit. In this podcast, we're talking about making a plan to keep at home for supporting yourself through anxiety flares. We will be covering what to put on your plan and why keeping it somewhere where everyone can see it is helpful for your family members and friends to know how to support you on difficult days.


For those suffering from chronic illness, like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, support groups often recommend writing up an action plan. This can be very helpful for anxiety sufferers too.

How it helps

When anxiety strikes we are sometimes too overwhelmed to know how to help ourselves. Like an Anxiety Slayer first aid kit, an action plan serves as a clear reminder of the things you need to do to feel calm and safe again.


Some ideas to write on your plan

Stick your plan somewhere prominent in your home where everyone can see it.

You don't have to do everything on your plan! The idea is to have it there for the times when you feel overwhelmed by anxiety to remind you to do one or two of the items on your list.


Some of the things in this list can be offered by your family members. For example, someone could bring you a glass of water with some Rescue Remedy in it, or help you get comfortable with a pillow or blanket, sit with you, or make you a relaxing tea.

Tip: add some favorite teas to your care list and keep some in a little tin nearby so someone can bring you a cup of comfort.