Self-Care Quest Day 3: Little Acts of Kindness

Sometimes anxiety is exhausting. We want to fight it, or escape it, but we can't. It's in us - rattling our heads, sickening our stomachs, or thumping in our chests.

On such days it's hard to push on and get things done. Work becomes a half-baked effort, and if we do delay making a start we don't rest because we're weighted down by guilty thoughts about what we feel we should be doing. When we Slayers have an off day we encourage ourselves and each other to rest. More than that, we encourage self-kindness.

And we encourage you to do the same. Be kind to yourself. Everyone has off days, at such times it's healthy to pause and look after yourself and then come back to your tasks when you feel up to them again.



  •  Make yourself some tea.
  •  Run a nice warm bath 
  •  Take a walk
  •  Read something funny or inspiring
  •  Scribble in a journal



Pick one or two little acts of self kindness and enjoy them, mindfully accepting that your body is asking you for some time out. Give in, let go, and show yourself some love.