Self-Care Quest Day 2: Relief through Writing


I remember a few months ago feeling stuck in an emotional state that I could not shift. I felt confused and burdened by it and I couldn't see a way out. 

As I was already running some errands on this particular day, I went into a coffee shop and started scribbling my thoughts onto paper. For about fifteen minutes my pen scratched it's way across the page filling it with words of chaos and confusion.

By the end of the sheet I felt clearer. I needed nothing more than to get my thoughts outside my head.


For Day 2 of our self-care quest I invite you to listen to Shann's Journaling to Help You Heal Your Heart podcast where she shares a writing process that prompts you to explore your feelings and clear your mind.  This is one of our most listened to podcasts. We hope you find it supportive.




I also recommend that you commit to putting pen to paper throughout the 30 Day Quest, no matter how briefly. Even one sentence before bed noting what you did today to help yourself overcome anxiety will help you weave a thread of reflective awareness and learning throughout the experience.


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