Self-Care Quest Day 30: Knowing & Growing


"Think of yourself in the simplest of terms – as a seed. You are ready to grow. Begin with the basics. Give yourself a little love, a little water, a little room, a small bit of earth under your feet. Inside those basics, in that space, take a very easy step towards what you want — and I mean very easy." Katie Tallo

Not All Plants Have the Same Needs

Every plant thrives best in a certain environment. Some like it hot and dry with sandy soil, others like to be in a shady spot with plenty of water. A plant with the right light, nutrients, water, soil etc will thrive. A plant in the wrong spot without it's needs being met will wither.

This metaphor can serve you well in managing your anxiety. By knowing what you need to feel happy and able to grow, and knowing what stunts your growth or makes you droop.

Know Your Personal Needs

Take a couple of minutes to think about what helps you feel supported and safe during difficult times.

  • Do you prefer to be alone? Or do you crave company?

  • Do you like to get outside? Or would you rather curl up indoors?

  • What helps you relax: music, reading, walking, yoga, a hot bath, a massage, meditation, or something else?

  • Do you prefer to be warm or cool?


All of these things serve as clues to your ideal environment.


Make a note of what helps you and what doesn't and keep it around. You could check in daily, or weekly and experiment with changing whatever you can to help yourself flower and grow.


That concludes our 30 Day Self-Care Quest. Thanks to everyone who has participated and sent us comments and emails, we wish you all continued success in Slaying your Anxiety.