Self-Care Quest Day 29: Don't fan the flames

"Within ourselves we fight demons of addiction, stress, trauma, anger, and self-hatred, to name just a few. We try to dominate everything, including Mother Nature herself. But rather than achieving final victory, we become engulfed by the struggle, which holds us captive."
Tsultrm Allione - Feeding Your Demons

Stress and anxiety are adrenalin fueled states. If we try and fight them, we are provoking the release of more adrenalin and wasting our energy in the struggle.

The most effective way to deal with anxiety is to understand it. Listen, and find the message behind your anxiety and then make gentle adjustments.

We understand that anxiety is big and horrible and life ruining, and you just want it to stop; but getting angry, or frustrated is like pouring petrol on a fire.

Soft and steady is the way to go. Notice, learn, and make supportive changes. If you want to fight anxiety, do it quietly like a ninja!